Controversial Radio Talk Show Host Indicted on Child Porn Charges

Thaddeus MatthewsIn Memphis, TN, a controversial radio talk show host, Thaddeus Matthews, has been indicted on charges of especially aggravated sεxual exploitation of a minor, aggravated sεxual exploitation of a minor and sεxual exploitation of a minor, according to the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office.

The 56 year old Matthews posted a photo on Facebook last year of a minor, 5 year old child, performing οral sεx on an adult man in November of 2012. He claims he posted the photo to help lead police to the man in the photo, however, he had never reported the photo to police because he thought they were already aware of it.

In the State of Tennessee, being in possession of any image of minor child engaged in any sεxual act is considered a Class D felony and can result in a separate charge for each photo up to 50 images, more than 50 images may result in a single charge as a Class B felony. With this indictment on charges, Matthews could face from 2 to 30 years in prison.

Upon posting bond from his arrest in November 2012, Matthews had this to say, “There was a child that I felt was in danger. I went after the perpetrator of the child. This has nothing to do with the child.”

Matthews wasn’t the only person arrested for posting the photos, two minor females, ages 13 and 16, were also arrested and charged with sεxual exploitation of a minor for posting the same photo.

About a half hour after the indictments were reported today, Mr. Matthews posted this message to his Facebook page:

“About :30 minutes ago I started getting calls from news reporters telling me that I have been indicted on 3 counts of sεxual exploitation of a minor where on Nov. 13 of last year I posted a picture of a child being abused by a adult man. Hundreds of persons posted the picture but I am the sole person being selectively prosecuted. While I have heard that several minors have been arrested I’m sure none of them are facing prison. The DA’s office sent out a press release to all the media while at the time of this post I have not officially been notified. Since I know this will be the biggest news story for the next few days I am not doing any interviews with any TV stations but I will address it tonight at 7 on my show.”

Thaddeus Matthews believes that the witch hunt against him is being orchestrated by high ranking city officials, including Memphis’ Mayor A. C. Wharton, as an attempt to silence him.

His radio talk show has been cancelled and removed numerous times in an attempt to silence him over the years but he always seems to find an avenue to continue to voice his expose-type programming with city and state officials often being at the center of his reports.