Float On: World’s Largest Floating City Planned

Freedom ShipWouldn’t it be lovely to make your favorite cruise ship vacation your permanent residence? Well, for those who love the sea and sail there’s an exciting new development in the works called the Freedom Ship, a 25 story floating city with all the amenities of home.

A Florida based company is in the process of trying to raise $10 billion dollars to build the floating metropolis which will have its own airport, schools, casinos, hospitals, shopping, recreation and an aquarium. The Freedom Ship would be able to house up to 50,000 residents plus an additional 60,000 combined visitors and crew.

This floating city concept gives new meaning to being a castaway. The ship would be on “Perpetual Sail” mode, never docking and sailing continuously around the world. Imagine your scenery changing consistently each day. Being the largest vessel on the sea at approximately a mile in length and weighing 2.7 million tons, there’s not a port large enough for it to pull into.

With everything you would need located there on the floating city, it’s a magical dream vacation that never has to end. No word yet on the price of a housing unit but I wonder about the communications quality and how you would receive your mail since you change locations constantly sailing around the globe.

“The Freedom Ship will be the largest vessel ever built, and the first ever floating city,” says Roger M Gooch, director and vice-president of Freedom Ship International.

While the economy has played a part in delaying the build of this massive project, the developers are optimistic that they will now be able to raise the $1 billion dollars needed to begin construction.



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