Black Man Wears Naked White Women Around His Neck As A Statement

Trophy ScarvesA black man is giving a whole new meaning to fall accessories, taking it well beyond what most would conceive as a fashion statement.

Nate Hill has developed a new line of scarves, wearing naked white women draped around his neck. I know what you’re thinking. You think I’m talking about an imprint of naked white women as a design on a scarf. But no, this man is wearing the living version of human, naked and clothed white women around his neck.

Nate Hill’s explains his new fashion line on his website, Trophy Scarves under his mission statement which states, “I wear white women for status and power.”

Hill, the designer of this new line puts the live, naked women over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position and then poses for photographs. According to his website, he even makes home visits to photograph with his models.

Nate Hill appears to be really wrapped up in addressing being with white women as a status symbol for black men as he has also compiled mentions of these white women in his rap music on his Soundcloud channel.

Hill choses these stunts as a way to address the social stigma surrounding interracial relationships, enlightening others to how white women are considered a status symbol.

When this story originally appeared on VICE, Iman Carol Fears eloquently commented providing an explanation for the reasoning behind Trophy Scarves as follows:

“This art project is a parody of people (black men in particular) treating white women like status symbols. A white woman isn’t a trophy; she’s a person. White women (and women of color with “whiter” features, like straight hair, thin noses, etc.) ARE the beauty standard in most parts of the world, and that’s why a lot of non-white men are kinda obsessed with dating/marrying white women just for the sake of dating/marrying a white woman.

Hmmm…I’ve heard a lot of reasons why black men date white women. They’re easier to get along with, they don’t fight back, they treat black men better….the list goes on. Now, it’s merely because of status and power? What do you think? Does having a white woman on your arm erase the negative thoughts society has placed on being a black man in America or does it increase the number of sneers and side eyes or blatant racism directed their way? At any rate, I guess this is the latest in couture design…a real expression in style.

“Marrying/having a relationship with a white woman seems to be something many successful black men do immediately upon gaining success (Kanye and Kim Kardashian, A$ap Rocky and Iggy Azalea etc..) and they do it for a number of reasons: because white women are the beauty standard, because of internalized racism, because they want children with lighter skin than their own so that their children don’t have to go through as much discrimination as their black parent. That’s what this art piece is criticizing.”