Would You Wear A Doobie Wrap In Public?

RihannaI guess you really must be one of the most beautiful women in the world when you can rock a Doobie Wrap on a national award show while receiving one its highest new honors. Last night, Rihanna walked on stage at the American Music Awards to first accept the Best R&B/Soul Artist Award with her hair wrapped in a popular Doobie Wrap, generally worn by women to bed at night to prevent their straightened or relaxed hair from frizzing. A shameless, Rihanna walked on stage wearing bobby pins and all with her ensemble of a black bra top and high-waisted sheer skirt, and not to mention, her makeup was flawless.

But the hairdo managed to catch all the attention. Fans on Twitter gave it even more life with tweets questioning whether it was actually a wrap and marveling over her ironclad nerves to walk on stage that way. We as black women are very familiar with the Doobie Wrap because it’s usually how we go to bed at night. But I’ll bet that you never in your wildest dreams ever imaged a pop icon gracing the public with the style and making it a fashion statement. Well, Rihanna did just that.

While some of her fans speculated as to whether Rihanna appeared that way in preparation for her performance later on the show. It soon became apparent that she intended to wear her hair that way for the entire show. The Caribbean diva, born Robyn Fenty, later returned in a plunging tuxedo-style maxi-dress and pearlized choker necklace with her hair still wrapped to perform her hit “Diamonds” and to receive her Icon Award presented by her mother, Monica Fenty.

Her fans were elated on Twitter. TriniBabyLicia wrote, “I think rihanna is the only celeb whos gangsta enuff to go to the biggest award show with her hair wrapped, pins showing and pull it off”.

Many others seem to be considering wearing the style to work or out in public themselves. Seems Rihanna may have sparked a new fashion trend. Would you do it or do you consider it a new form of ratchedness, like wearing hair rollers or pajamas out in public?


I’ve seen worse…lol. Now, me personally, I wouldn’t wear a wrap outside to take out the trash but I see women wear wraps home from the beauty salon frequently, not to mention rollers, pajamas. You name it. I see nothing wrong with what she’s done. She’s a beautiful lady who makes even a Doobie Wrap look good. Undoubtedly, she’s probably started a new hair fashion trend. I see the new decorative bobby pins being made by serial entrepreneurs now.