Black Women: Then and Now

1479174_10200116492115078_1626425944_nIt’s amazing sometimes when you think about how things have changed. I came across this pic on a Facebook page and it left me shaking my head. Take a look at it. In 1968, black women were black and proud and waving their fists in solidarity for a social movement in favor of civil rights for all. Today, they’re pictured as scantily clothed and twerking together.

Could it be said that the music of each era played a part in changing stance of black women from standing tall to support a good cause to now bending over to shake their a$$ fast and furious? Think about it. In the 60s, music had a very positive vibe, singing either about a better way ¬†or love. Today’s music comes with dances that degrade women and songs calling them b%thces and whores which they now seem to be trying to live up to.

It’s hard enough being Black in America so why bend over backward to fit the mold other’s have given to us? Are we going to continue to degrade ourselves as black women or stand up and be noticed.

Our black IS beautiful but we need to stand up and be seen as such. We are strong, black and beautiful women. Let’s start acting like it.