Terrance Howard Is A Married Man Again! … To a Woman He’s Known For a Month!

TerrenceHowardBestManHolidayScreeningUI6PbMYW8tulSo, guess what MBT family? Terrance Howard has decided to marry again… to a woman who he has known only for 30 days. What.

So, here’s the deal. According to Radar, Sources close to Terrance Howard were reporting that he discreetly went off and married his Canadian girlfriend named Miranda, who he’s been seeing for only one month. With this recent marriage, this would make Miranda his FOURTH wife!

This marriage was confirmed by friends who say Terrence married Miranda after only seeing her for 30 days. Suspicion first rose up when the newlywed couple showed up on the Red Carpet at  Best Man Holiday wearing matching wedding bands.

Even in a few interviews Terrance referred to his “wife”.

Friends are not surprised about his behavior either as one even told Radar, “It’s another one of his outlandish moves… he only knew and/or dated her for about a month!” The friend also said Terrance called up his third wife he’s been having domestic violence issues with, Michelle Grent, to taunt her about his new wife. (can you not, terrance? pls.)

Either way, he is a married man! So, let’s see how this goes shall we? It’s proves to become interesting… I mean, she’s a stepmother of three children, and now legally tied to a man who can make some rash and rather odd life choices… especially against his past wives: [x] [x]

…Ya’ll, pray for Miranda.

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