Shenanigans! – Peter Gunz Says Rich Asked Him To Insult Erica Mena So He Wouldn’t Have To Work With Her!


This weeks episode, Rich, Peter and Erica got into a huge argument that caused plates to thrown and tempers to sky-rocket! But now Peter is trying to say he was put up to insult Erica to set her off so Rich could have a reason not to work with her anymore.

Peter ‘Lil’ Gunz has this to say:

via S2S Magazine

“I may get in trouble for what I’m about to tell you about this situation. They try to keep things as close to real as possible ’cause it is real, but the situation with her is: Rich came to me last season. I told Rich, ‘Fall back on shorty. She’s reckless. She can’t sing.’ I guess she took offense to that. Truth of the matter, Rich was trying to get out of a relationship with her, so, he asked me to do that. He was kinda trying to break up with chick and break off business with her,” said Peter.

According to Peter, he had no real feelings about Erica one way or the other, and was just doing Rich a favor to help him end things with her.

“I don’t know her. I heard about her. I heard about her reckless mouth, how nasty she is, but I didn’t know her personally. I didn’t have a nickel in that dime, so I didn’t care. He asked me to do that, and I did it,” said Peter, claiming he’s too old for the drama.

So, what do you think? Do you believe that Rich had Peter ‘Lil’ Gunz to provoke Erica so he could have a reason not to work with her?

I honestly can’t dismiss the possibility because it does seem like something Rich would do. But who knows?

But for Peter ‘Lil’ Gunz to say that he is ‘too old for the drama’, I will agree with him. He is too old for that, but yet you’re right smack dab in the middle of a lot of drama these days.

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